Wikipedia (Japanese: ウィキペディア, Uikipedia, Chinese: 维基百科, Wéijībǎikē, Korean: 위키백과, Wikibaeggwa) is a online encyclopedia, founded on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, that's given support and is sponsored by Wikimedia Foundation. Anyone who can access Wikipedia can be able to edit and make articles. It's expected that they follow the site's rules. Wikipedia is ranked as one of the top ten most popular sites. It, including all other Wikipedias, creates a grand total of nearly 35 million articles in nearly 300 different languages.

Involvement with Tenkai Knights

Wikipedia has an article on Tenkai Knights, currently available in 8 different languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean, all of the which don't quite have the same amount of info on the series.

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