Boxing for Titan Tributon

13004: Tenkai Titan Tributon is a Titan Figure released under the Tenkai Knights toy line. It was released under the second wave of toys in the western world by Spin Master and in the Korean region by Academy.


Official Description


Devastate the evil forces of Vilius with long range attacks from the Tenkai Archer, Tributon! Unlock Tributon’s powered up Titan Mode by first shapeshifting the Titan brick to reveal the warrior inside. Then fully armor him up for battle by building on his Titan eagle armor, energy cape, and shield. Unleash the awesome power of Tributon’s Tenkai Energy Bow on the Corrupted forces of Vilius. Defend Quarton with other Tenkai Knights and Corekai warriors in the battle against evil. Recreate epic scenes from the Tenkai Knights anime series as you master your Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius and his Corrupted army! IONIX: the revolutionary line of never before seen construction bricks that change their shape before your eyes! These construction bricks shapeshift and change to become mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets, and more. What's more, our bricks snap together with other leading construction systems. IONIX: Shapeshift, build, unleash! Tenkai Titan bricks are bigger, badder, and give you more Tenkai energy than ever before! Master your Tenkai Titan energy by shapeshifting in multiple ways to unleash large, ultra-powerful Tenkai figures.


  • Revolutionize construction play with the shapeshifting bricks of Tenkai Knights powered by the IONIX construction system!
  • Compatible with major construction brands, these bricks are like nothing you've seen before. Bricks that come alive with unexpected surprises.
  • Comes with a bigger, badder shapeshifting Titan Figure Brick that unlocks Tributon, the Tenkai Archer.
  • Build him up with his armor, energy cape and shield, and then unleash his shapeshifting Weapon Brick to reveal his Tenkai Energy Bow!


  • 1 Shapeshifting Titan Figure Brick
  • 1 Shapeshifting Weapon Brick
  • 50 Additional Pieces
  • Instruction Guide




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