TK Tenkai Wolf

The Tenkai Wolf (Japanese: テンカイ ウルフ, Tenkai Urufu) is a powerful creature that lives on Quarton. Long ago, it was sealed within the Tenkai Fortress. Its emblem was removed from the wolf and was placed within the Beast World, entrusted with the denizen Orangor. The Tenkai Wolf appears in "Tower of Bricks" and "Lone Wolf" .


The Tenkai Wolf resembles the Tenkai Dragon, but with a bit with more canine features. It has red, gold, silver, and black armor. Its tail contains a launcher with an arrow. The Wolf Emblem is on the wolf's forehead.


Powers and Abilities

  • Built in mouth howling cannon
  • Built in cannon on tail
  • Running
  • Legendary
  • Giving Bravenwolf a new evolution
  • Glowing gold enchanced powers
  • Transport to an alternate dimension



  • The Tenkai Wolf is stronger than the Tenkai Dragon, as it was able to beat the Dark Dragon and the Light Dragon on its own.
  • The Tenkai Wolf has the ability to give Bravenwolf a evolution as shown in "Lone Wolf".
  • As known, the Tenkai Wolf is always summoned when Quarton is in great danger.


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