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The Tenkai Knights Wiki is an encyclopedia which covers everything about the latest smash hit by Spin Master. It was founded on July 11, 2013 by Nightmare9188 and since then it has truly become an emerging anime-related encyclopedia and community made by fans for fans.

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Note: Redundant staff members appear in brackets to avoid confusion.



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In due course we will issue official regulations to tell all users what they can do and what they should not do. Deeds like vandalism and harassment will of course result in penalties. However in the past we used to be not that strict with users who just made harmless trespasses, such as low-quality edits or harmless jokes which a few users misconceived as offenses or disrespecting a troublemaker back. We always want to assume good faith and users who have that won't get in trouble, since we are also proportional.

As well we have rules for the contest, which is the only means to rise to powers on this wiki, due to bad experiences with users who just asked for rights and did almost nothing and in order to keep the activity on this wiki high.

Although the contest is the only means to rise to powers, you can place requests, but more in order to better convince your fellow members to vote for you than instantly getting powers.

Current events

We will start broadcasting on February 28, 2015. All broadcast times and current streams you find on this blog post: User_blog:Nightmare9188/Broadcast_times


The Tenkai Knights Wiki uses a simple but very effective navigation system which is built upon four main lists. Through them you can easily find every page on the wiki, as there are also lists for further use and navigation bars on every page of the wiki. The main lists are as follows:

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