Tenkai Knights: Origins (Japanese: テンカイナイト: オリジンズ, Tenkai Naito: Orijinzu, Italian: I cavalieri Tenkai: Le Origini, Hebrew: מקורות אבירי הטנקאיי, Spanish: Los Caballeros Tenkai: Los Orígenes, Turkish: Tenkai Şövalyeleri: Başlangıç, French: Les origines de Tenkai Knights, German: Die Tenkai Ritter: Die Anfänge), or TKO for short, is a web series, related to the first season of Tenkai Knights. It was first released in English in 2013, then an Italian dub of the web series was released in Italy in 2014. A Spanish dub of the web series was then released in 2014.

General Information

Tenkai Knights: Origins consists of ten episodes which are streamed on Tenkai Knights' official YouTube channel. The web series serves as a prologue to the first season.


Webisode list

No. Screenshot Episode Title English Airdate
01 TKO 1 (Tenkai Five) (English) Tenkai Five September 17, 2013
02 TKO 2 (Off Balance) (English) Off Balance September 24, 2013
03 TKO 3 (The Best) (English) The Best October 02, 2013
04 TKO 4 (Corrupted!) (English) Corrupted! October 09, 2013
05 TKO 5 (Shifting the Griffin!) (English) Shifting the Griffin! October 16, 2013
06 TKO 6 (BasTank Corruption) (English) BlasTank Corruption October 23, 2013
07 TKO 7 (Guardians Danger!) (English) Guardians Danger! October 30, 2013
08 TKO 8 (Clash of the Tenkai!) (English) Clash of the Tenkai! November 07, 2013
09 TKO 9 (Titan Revealed) (English) Titan Revealed November 14, 2013
10 TKO 10 (Tenkai United) (English) Tenkai United November 21, 2013

Webisode Title Cards




  • Massimo Di Benedetto - Bravenwolf
  • Simone D'Andrea - Tributon
  • ? - Valorn
  • Gianluca Iacono - Lydendor
  • Marco Balzarotti - Vilius
  • Pietro Ubaldi - Boreas
  • Mario Scarabelli - Eurus
  • Claudio Ridolfo - Zephyrus
  • Aldo Stella - Notus


Voice actors of the Spanish dub are currently unknown.


Voice actors of the French dub are currently unknown.


Voice actors of the German dub are currently unknown.

Internal Links

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