Tenkai Knights- Battle for Quarton (App by Game Pill Inc.)
Tenkai Knights: Battle for Quarton is the app version of Battle for Quarton. The app was created by Game Pill Inc. on November 28, 2013. The current version for this app is Version 1.1.

Official Info


The Guardians have called upon the legendary Tenkai Knights to save Quarton from Vilius. Play as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Valorn, and Lydendor to defeat Vilius and his army to save Quarton.


I Guardiani hanno radunato i leggendari Tenkai Knights per salvare Quarton da Vilius.


הקרב על קווארטון של אבירי טנקאיי - שומרי העולמות זימנו את אבירי הטנקאיי על מנת להציל את קווארטון בקרב אל מול ויליוס


Los guardianes han instado a los legendarios Caballeros Tenkai a salvar Quarton de Vilius...


De bewakers hebben de steun van de legendarische Tenkai ridders gevraagd om Quarton te redden van Vilius.


Muhafızlar Quarton'u Vilnius'tan kurtarmak için efsanevi Tenkai şövalyelerini göreve çağırdı.


Les Gardiens ont fait appel aux légendaires Chevaliers Tenkai pour sauver Quarton de Vilius.


Die Wächter haben die legendären Tenkai Knights gerufen, um Quarton vor Vilius zu retten.

List of characters that appear in this game

In The Battle for Quarton, there have been many characters that appeared. This is a list of all the characters that appeared in the game.

  • Bravenwolf (playable)
  • Tributon (playable after you complete the Forest level)
  • Valorn (playable after you complete the Outskirts level)
  • Lydendor (playable after you complete the Desert level)
  • Shadius
  • Hos
  • Balthaz
  • Granox
  • Slyger
  • Vilius

List of levels in the game

There are five levels in The Battle for Quarton. Here are the levels.

How to Play

Tap and drag anywhere on the left side of the screen to move. Tap on the right side of the screen to attack. Swipe left or right on the right side of the screen to dash. Swipe up or down on the right side of the screen to uppercut.

  • Energy recharges over time.
  • Dashing costs half your energy.
  • Uppercuts cost all your energy.

Hit enemies in quick succession to stun them. Some enemies are tougher and require more hits. Get close to a stunned enemy and tap to do a finisher. When in front of an object, tap to lift it and tap again to throw it. As Tributon, tap and hold the attack to charge up his arrows.


  • Health- Repairs damage to your character.
  • Power- Double the damage you do for a short amount of time.
  • Energy- Grants an infinite amount of energy for a short amount of time.


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