Tenkai is a opening theme for Tenkai Knights. It is used in many different dubs of the season.


English (Dubbed)

We are Tenkai!

Oh oh oh oh oh Ohh (Tenkai!)

Knights of Tenkai!

Battle's on, come on, rise up!

Raise your Tenkai Sword and save the world!

Oh oh oh oh oh Ohh (Tenkai!)

We are Tenkai!




Hebrew (Romanized)

Spanish (Chile)

Somos ¡Tenkai!

Oh oh oh oh oh Ohh (¡Tenkai!)

¡Tenkai Knights!

¡Vamos a batallar!

¡Levanta tu espada y salva al mundo!

Oh oh oh oh oh Ohh (¡Tenkai!)

¡Somos Tenkai!

¡Tenkai Knights!



  • An instrumental version of this song is occasionally used as an insert song, but it's more well known as the show's ending theme.
  • Some countries that air the show use the English version as the opening while others use their language for the opening.

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