Spin Master is a company involved in Tenkai Knights. They are based in Toronto, Canada.


Spin Master has been involved in the anime industry since 2007. Bakugan was a co-production with the Japanese toy maker, Sega Toys. After four seasons, Bakugan was drawing to an end. Spin Master was after that involved in the French-Canadian co-production, Redakai, which wasn't successful. As a result, they wanted to return to the anime industry. But as it was too early to revive Bakugan, they started Tenkai Knights and collaborated with Shogakukan, who did many notable anime before, such as Duel Masters.

Tenkai Knights

One month after Studio Wanpack listed an anime named Tenkai Knights, Spin Master announced that it was their new project and would be something like a follow-up to the successful Bakugan-Franchise. When Tenkai Knights started in the U.S., they also started uploading the episodes on YouTube, but strangely, they were taken down by Shogakukan.





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