Shunkan Diamond (Japanese: 瞬間Diamond, Shunkan Diamond, Eng. Translated: Diamond Moment, or Moment Diamond, Korean: 순간Diamond, Sungan Diamond) was the first Japanese ending theme and is currently the Korean ending theme of Tenkai Knights. It was played from "Two Worlds" to "Vilius Unleashed". It was written and sung by Rurika Yokoyama in the Japanese version and is by Gimdoyoung in the Korean version.






駆け抜ける 日々のなか小さな声 聞こえてくる
ねぇ 忘れたの? 思い出して 夢見たあの場所

誰かが歩いた後じゃなくて 新しい道行きたい
欲張るたび 憧れ 越えて 掴め

未来は自分次第で 強く強く望むとおりに変わる
突き進むだけ 誰にも分からない答え
理想の先に広がる 何度も胸焦がした景色
自分信じて今 目の前 扉開けばDiamond



Kakenukeru hibi no naka chiisa na koe kikoete-kuru.

“Nee wasureta no?” Omoidashite yumemita ano basho…

Dareka ga aruita-ato ja nakute atarashii michi yukitai.

Yokubaru-tabi akogare koete tsukame!

Mirai wa jibenshidai de tsuyoku-tsukoyu nozomutoori ni kawaru.

Tsukisusumu-dake dare ni mo wakaranai kotae.

Risou no saki ni hirogaru nandomo munekogashita keshiki.

Jibun shinjite ima menomae tobira hirakeba Diamond.

English (Translated)


In the days that I was running aimlessly, I heard a small voice come to me. 

“Did you forget about it?” Remember that place we once dreamed of… 

Instead of following in others’ footsteps, I want to carve out my own path. 

Anything you want, just long for it, be the best and it’s yours! 

The future is in your hands, you can shape it with your mighty desires. 

So just push forward to reach the answers nobody knows. 

Waiting beyond that dream is the view you’ve wished for so many times. 

So trust yourself, open the door ahead of you and you’ll find a diamond.



흘러가는 시간 속에서 들려온 너의 작은 목소리
혹시 잃어버리지 않았지 꿈꿔왔던 그곳을

그 누구도 걸어본 적 없는 길 위에 나의 발자국고 싶어
욕심이 날 때면 주저 말고 손 뻗어 잡아봐

미래란 건 나에게 달린 거야 맘속에 간절히 원하면 그 꿈 가득 그대로
뭐든 찾을 수 있어 아무도 알 수 없는 결말도
그 어떤 상상보다 아름다운 꿈속에서 내가 끝없이 그려왔던 풍경
두 눈을 감고서 문을 열어 그곳에 있을 거야 Diamond


Heulleoganeun sigan sog-eseo deullyeoon neoui jag-eun mogsoli
Hogsi ilh-eobeoliji anh-assji kkumkkwowassdeon geugos-eul

Geu nugudo geol-eobon jeog eobsneun gil wie naui baljaguggo sip-eo
Yogsim-i nal ttaemyeon jujeo malgo son ppeod-eo jab-abwa

Milaelan geon na-ege dallin geoya mamsog-e ganjeolhi wonhamyeon geu kkum gadeug geudaelo
Mwodeun chaj-eul su iss-eo amudo al su eobsneun gyeolmaldo
Geu eotteon sangsangboda aleumdaun kkumsog-eseo naega kkeut-eobs-i geulyeowassdeon pung-gyeong
Du nun-eul gamgoseo mun-eul yeol-eo geugos-e iss-eul geoya Diamond

English (Translated)

Passing on your small voice heard in time
Have you been dreaming of the place did not lose

Nobody wants my footprints on the road without ever walked
When greedy hands stretched me do not hesitate to bend

If you want eagerly to the future with a mind that is the thing I'm still full of dreams
No one can find anything ending unknown even
The beautiful scenery I've been endlessly drawn than any imagined in my dreams
Close your eyes and open the door'll be there Diamond


  • The Japanese and Korean version obviously have different lyrics, but they do present the same idea or message.




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