Shadius (Japanese: ヴィクリプス・コマンダー, Vikuripusu Komandā, Viclipse Commander, or Viklips Commander, Korean: 커널, Keoneol, Hebrew: שאדיוס) is a black and pale yellow Corrupted soldier.

His voice actor is currently unknown in English.



Not much is known, other than that he is a loyal servant to Vilius.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shadius looks similar to Rho because of their bodies and their shields, but they have some differences. Shadius is black and pale yellow whereas Rho is black and red. Also, Rho's gun is small while Shadius's gun is larger.
  • Shadius can also be seen in Tenkai Knights: Origins and in The Battle for Quarton.
  • There is a toy of him (known as Rho), that when combined with Granox, Slyger, and Sho, can form the Sickle Ship, and when combined with Vilius, Hos, and Sho, can form the Xenoship.
  • Shadius is one of the few characters to not have a voice acting role in the Japanese version.

In the Series

Shadius is one of the main antagonists in "Robofusion!", where he and Sho were commanded by Vilius to go with Granox and Slyger. He commenced Robofusion with Granox, Slyger, and Sho to form the Sickle Ship.







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