Rho commensing Robofusion

Rho (Japanese: ブルータス, Burūtasu, Brutus, Korean: 브루트스, Beuruteuseu, Hebrew: רו) is a black and red Corrupted soldier.

He is voiced by Kirk Thornton in English and by Tomoyuki Shimura in Japanese.



Powers and Abilities

  • Gun
  • Robofusion


  • There is also a toy of him (known as Shadius), that when combined with Grayden, Deviak, and Balthaz, can form Triberus (Flying Darkwing Spector).
  • The toy for Rho was supposed to called Shadius.

In the Series

Rho is one of the main antagonists in "Toxsa 2.0", where he was empowered by Vilius and put under Granox's command. He assisted in the capture and mind scan of Valorn. He has a Robofusion with a Balthaz, a Grayden, and a Deviak, called the Flying Darkwing Spector and was destroyed by Valorn. Rho was later revived by Vilius. Rho did not make an appearance in doubled crossed but the flying dark wing Spector did made a appearance in the episode, clarifies that Rho was revived and indeed destroyed again by the Tenkai knights.


Vilius Tenkai Dark Tempest

Rho was loyal to Vilius, but never understood why Granox and 3 beasts make a difference, but he never disobeyed Vilius' commands. But, due to why he does not understand for Granox and 3 beasts make a difference he maybe thought Vilius made a poor choice making them go with him.


At first, Rho was kind of Granox's "friend", but wasn't. Then Granox started fighting with Rho by arguing that he is the leader. Soon as Rho grew tired of Granox, he robofused into the Flying Darkwing Spector and tried to destroy Valorn. As Valorn transformed into Titan Mode for the first time, he destroyed Rho for good. In the back corner, Granox laughed for Rho's loss.

Valorn Tenkai Terrablast

When Rho first met Valorn was when he captured Valorn to make him spoil where the Dragon Cubes were at. Toxsa told A.I. to make the data transfer from him when Rho found out the data were useless he destroyed them. Soon, Bravenwolf came to the rescue for Valorn as he escaped. Rho robofused and tried to destroy Valorn, but as Valorn achieved Titan Mode, Valorn used his final blow on Rho for good and Rho was destroyed. In "Double Crossed", when the Flying Darkwing Spector tried to destroy the knights, it was unknown if its main target was Valorn to hit. Finally in the end, the Tenkai Knights destroyed Titan Hos and Flying Darkwing Spector.