Race to Redemption (Alternate Cover)
Race to Redemption (Italian: La via della Redenzione, Hebrew: המירוץ לגאולה, Spanish: Carrera a la Redención, Dutch: De Race naar de Redding, Turkish: Uzay Aracı, French: La Course à la Rédemption, German: Wettlauf zur Rettung) is a Tenkai Knights online game.

Official Info


Experience true Robofusion! Fly the Protojet to victory as you battle the Corrupted hordes!


Sperimenta una vera fusione-robot! Fai volare il Prodo-Jet verso la vittoria affrontando orde di mercenari nemici!


המירוץ לגאולה של אבירי טנקאיי - בואו ותתנסו ברובו-פיוז'ן אמיתי! הטיסו את מטוס הפרודו לנצחון תוך כדי לחימה בפראים המושחתים!


¡Experiencia el verdader robo-fusión! Vuela el ProdoJet a la victoria mientras peleas contra las hordas corruptas!


Ontdek robo-fusion! Vlieg met het Prodo vliegtuig naar de overwinning terwijl je tegen het slechte leger vecht.


Robofüzyonu dene! Prodo-Jet'i zafer için uçur!


Maîtrise toi-même le Robot Fusion ! Pilote le Prodo-Jet pour le mener à la victoire en terrassant les hordes de l'armée Corrompue!


Erlebe, was möglich ist! Fliege den Prodo-Jet zum Sieg, während du gegen die korrupten Horden kämpfst!

How to Play

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Space bar (Key) - Shoot
  • Z (Key) - Phoenix Attack
  • X (Key) - Homing Laser

A yellow core brick gives you energy, a blue core brick gives you missiles, and a red core brick gives you more health.

List of characters/fusions that appear in this game

In Race to Redemption, there have been many characters that appeared. This is a list of all the characters and Robofusions that appeared in the game.

  • Bravenwolf
  • Tributon
  • Valorn
  • Lydendor
  • Protojet
  • Sho
  • Deviak
  • Balthaz
  • Hos
  • Xenoship

List of levels

There are three levels in Race to Redemption. Here are the levels.

  • Level 1: Desert
  • Level 2: Forest
  • Level 3: Space


  • This is the first Tenkai Knights game that features Robofusion.


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