Blind tenkai

Mystery Packs (Japanese: ミステリパック, Misuteri Pakku, Korean: 랜덤 비닐팩 시리즈, Laendeom Binilpaeg Silijeu, Eng. Translated: Random Plastic Bag Series), also known as Blind Bags, are small plastic bags that contain Tenkai Knight mini figures, sold with 3 or 4 pieces per pack: a core brick, a helmet/head, and the other part vary, but all packs include a weapon, or a figure that is capable of turning it's own body into a weapon. These are currently released in the Western world and in Korea.

List of available figures

Product Name Wave Number
10601: Red Tenkai Trooper 1
10601: Blue Tenkai Trooper 1
10601: Yellow Tenkai Trooper 1
10601: Kindoh Trooper 1
10601: Kindoh Quadrax 1
10601: Tenkai Aerax 1

10602: White Tenkai Trooper

10602: Corrupted Trooper 2

10602: Gray Tenkai Trooper


10602: Green Tenkai Trooper


10602: Tenkai Quadrax

10602: Corrupted Aerax 2
10603: White Tenkai Quadrax 3
10603: Light Green Tenkai Hexax 3
10603: Dark Blue Tenkai Trooper 3
10603: Dark Blue Corrupted Aerax 3
10603: Red Tenkai Trooper 3
10603: Green Corrupted Hexax 3

Official Description


6 different figures to collect!


  • 3-6 Pieces
    • 1 Shapeshifting Mini-Figure Brick
    • 2-5 Additional Pieces
  • Instruction Guide



  • By owning all mystery figures (no duplicates), you could have a total of 65 pieces.
    • Series one=20 pieces
    • Series two=21 pieces
    • Series three=24 pieces

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