Mrs. Nash (Japanese: グレンのママ, Guren no mama, Mrs. Ōgami, Korean: 글렌 엄마, Geullen eomma) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights. She is the mother of Guren, and is first seen on the left side of a photo with her husband and Guren in "Two Worlds". It is currently unknown of what happened to her. She either passed away or left her own family for unknown reasons. There is a possibility that this will be explained later on in the series.


While Mrs. Nash has never appeared in the series yet, her appearance is described in a picture. Mrs. Nash has dark red shoulder length hair, and it covers her forehead with two bangs. She wears an orange shirt with white essentials. She is 38 years old.


  • She only appears in a picture on a wooden table in Guren's house.
  • She's currently the only character without a voice actor and was never mentioned throughout the series. 
  • Throughout the series she was never mentioned. Possibly in Season 2, she will be mentioned.


Guren Nash

Mr. Nash



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