Mrs. Jones (Japanese: セイランのママ, Seiran no mama, Mrs. Washizaki, Korean: 세이란 엄마, Seiran eomma, Hebrew: גברת ג'ונס) is a minor character in Tenkai Knights. She is the wife of Mr. Jones, and the mother of Ceylan . Her only appearance in the show thus far is in the episode "Corrupted Earth".

She is voiced by Kate Higgins in English and by Mika Kanda in Japanese.


Her basic appearance consists of her having long wavy brown hair, and blue eyes. In her only appearance so far in the show, Mrs. Jones is seen wearing a pink-hawaiian shirt with cream colored flowers on it and a white sunhat that has a lavender band, with the addition of a red flower.40 years old.


Ceylan Jones

Kinda resembles Ceylan's eyes and face as they do are related.

Mr. Jones

Her husband.



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