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This is a list of all characters and their respective Tenkai Knights as well as other recurring characters during the course of the series. This page will be constantly extended as the series progresses.


Character Age Status Tenkai Knight First Appearance
Guren Nash 13 Good Bravenwolf Two Worlds
Ceylan Jones 13 Good Tributon Two Worlds
Toxsa Dalton 12 Good Valorn The Rising Fire
Chooki Mason 13 Good Lydendor The Rising Fire
Gen Kurai 13 Good Dromus Tributon Extreme


Character Age Occupation
Mr. Nash 40s Guren's Father
Mr. Jones 40s Ceylan's Father
Mrs. Jones 40s Ceylan's Mother
Mr. Dalton 40s Toxsa's Father
Chef at the Diner
Mrs. Dalton 40s Toxsa's Mother
Owner of the Diner
Mr. White 50s Owner of the Shop of Wonders

Tenkai KnightsEdit

Tenkai Knight Status Owner First Appearance
Bravenwolf Good Guren Nash Two Worlds
Tributon Good Ceylan Jones Two Worlds
Lydendor Good Chooki Mason Tenkai Dragon Cube
Valorn Good Toxsa Dalton Tenkai Dragon Cube
Dromus Good Gen Kurai Tributon Extreme


Corekai Status First Appearance
Beag Good Two Worlds
Leinad Good Two Sides to Every Coin
Kutor Good Extreme Titan


Name Status First Appearance
Boreas Evil (Captured By Vilius) Two Worlds

Evil (Captured By Vilius)

The Key to Evil

Evil (Captured By Vilius)

Double Crossed
Notus Evil (Captured By Vilius) Double Crossed

Unconfirmed StatusEdit

Name Status Owner First Appearance
Venetta Rogue Beni Tenkai Rogue


Corrupted Status First Appearance
Vilius Evil Two Worlds
Granox Evil Two Worlds
Slyger Evil Two Worlds
Rho Evil Toxsa 2.0
Shadius Evil Robofusion!


Beast Status First Appearance
Tenkai Dragon Neutral Two Worlds

Recurring charactersEdit

Name Status Occupation First Appearance
Wakamei Dalton Good Toxsa's Older Sister
The Power of Four
Beni Rogue Gen's Former Acomplice Lost Key


Name Occupation First Appearance
Max Guren's pet cat Two Worlds
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