Throughout the series of Tenkai Knights, multiple types of core bricks have been introduced. Below here, you will see a list of all the kinds of bricks that were shown in the anime.


Mini Figures

Name Examples First Appearance
Mini Humanoid Bravenwolf, Vilius, Beag
Mini 4-legged Hos, Grayden, Balthaz
Mini Winged Sho, Deviak, Light Green Tenkai Aerax

Titan Figures

Name Examples First Appearance
Titan Humanoid Bravenwolf, Dromus, Tributon
Titan 4-legged Hos


Name Examples First Appearance
Beast Figures War Stallion, Sky Griffin
Vehicle Figures BlasTank, Volt Jet
Weapon Bricks Sword, Quad Cannon, Shoulder Cannon
Power Bricks Brick included in 2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship/Portal
Action Bricks Crossbow
Automatic Bricks Brick included in 2-in-1 Tenkai Dragon


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