This list features all terms which occur during the series, such as possibly evolutions, places, power-ups, and similar items on Quarton and Earth.


Name First Mentioned/Seen
Earth Two Worlds
Quarton Two Worlds
Beast World

Dragon² (Cameo)

Welcome to the Jungle (First Appearance)


Name Planet First Seen
Middle Town Earth Two Worlds
Benham City Earth Two Worlds


Name Planet First Seen Important Information
The Nash Home Earth Two Worlds Owned by Guren's father
School Earth Two Worlds School of the four boys
Shop of Wonders Earth Two Worlds Owned by Mr. White
The Jones Home Earth The Power of Four Owned by Ceylan's father
Tenkai Fortress Quarton No "I" in Team Contains great power
Guardians Sanctuary Quarton Robofusion! Home of the Guardians
Benham Tower Earth Two Worlds

Contains the Black Dragon Key

Mr. Nash's work

Turtle Diner Earth The Power of Four Mr. Dalton's working place
Benham Museum Earth
Benham Dojo Earth
Dragons Nest Quarton
Valley of Secrets (Place) Quarton
Benham Lake Earth
Benham Warehouse Earth
Benham Beach Earth
Dark Fortress Quarton
Beni's Apartment Earth
Gen's Apartment Earth
Chooki's House Earth
The Mason Home Earth
The Dalton Home Earth
Benham City Mall Earth
Benham Wonder Park Earth
Benham Soccer Stadium Earth


Guren's Class


Name Planet First Seen Members
Corrupted Quarton Two Worlds Vilius, Slyger, GranoxRho, Shadius
Corekai Quarton Two Worlds Beag, Kutor, Leinad, Senjo, Tavox
Tenkai Quarton Two Worlds Vilius Tenkai Dark Tempest, Beag, Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm
The Tenkai Knights Quarton Two Worlds

Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm, Tributon Tenkai Iceblast, Valorn Tenkai Terrablast, Lydendor Tenkai Lightningstrike, Dromus Tenkai Whirlwind, Venetta

Quartonian Quarton Two Worlds Beag, Leinad, Slyger, Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm


Name Planet First Seen
Sho Quarton Robofusion!
Hos Quarton Double Crossed
War Stallion Quarton Chooki's Mojo
Sky Griffin Quarton Tributon Extreme
Guardians Quarton Two Worlds
Balthaz Quarton Tenkai Dragon Cube
Grayden Quarton Two Worlds
Deviak Quarton The Power of Four


Name Army First Seen
Robofusion Tenkai Knights The Power of Four
Titan Fusion Tenkai Knights The Key to Evil


Name Army First Seen
Titan Mode

The Tenkai Knights

Some Corrupted members

The Tenkai Kid
Phoenix Mode The Tenkai Knights A New Knight
Elemental Mode

The Tenkai Knights


Vilius Returns
Elemental Titan Mode

The Tenkai Knights


Dojo Mojo
Guardian Megafusion Guardians Dojo Mojo
Core Brick Mode All Quartonians Two Worlds
Ultra Guardian Megafusion Vilius Lone Wolf
Beast Mode
Tenkai Wolf Form Bravenwolf Lone Wolf
Earth Mode Corekai


Name First Seen
Volt Jet Two Sides to Every Coin
BlasTank Two Sides to Every Coin
Flame Phoenix Hang Tenkai
Ice Walker Fortress Revealed
Dimensional Dropship Vilius Unleashed
Corekai Trucks Tributon Extreme


Name First Seen
Transdimensional Portal Two Worlds
Communicators Two Worlds
Jinx Cannon
Core Corrupter Two Sides to Every Coin
Tenkai Stone Beware Betrayal
Reassembly Device The Dark Unlock
Tenkai Reversal Inductor Vilius Unleashed
Core Brick Sensor Elemental Knights
Portal Weapon Elemental Knights
Anti-Brickification Device Tower of Bricks
Hollow Cloak The Four Beags


Item First Appearance
Stone Tablet Tenkai Dragon Cube
Dragon Cubes Tenkai Dragon Cube
Good Luck Charms Chooki's Mojo
Dragon Keys Dragon's Key (White Key)

Dragon Key Quest (Black Key)

Sandy Fortress Revealed


Name First Mentioned/Seen
Tenkai Energy Two Worlds
Dreams Two Worlds
Flashbacks Two Worlds
Corekai Huts Vilius Revealed
Cubification The Battle Begins
Brickification Toxic Toxsa
Core bricks Two Worlds
Wolf Emblem Scorpidon


Thoughout the series, many weapons are used by Quartonians. The list of weapons can be found here.