This page contains all media released about the first season of Tenkai Knights, such as television seasons, toys, games, websites, songs, movies, etc.

Television seasons

No. Title Episodes Year
1 Tenkai Knights 51 2013


No. Title Duration Year
1 Looking Forward, Looking Back 22 minutes 2014

Web Series

No. Title Eps Year
1 Tenkai Knights: Origins 10 2013
2 Tenkai Knights: The Animated Toy Series 10 2015

Video Games

No. Name
01 Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle


No. Game Location
01 Bravenwolf's Run
02 The Battle for Quarton
03 Race to Redemption
04 Tenkai Boost


Name Use
Tenkai Knights Tells the story of the 1st Episode and gives some information about the boys and the Knights.
Tenkai Knights: Battle for Quarton Game


Song Used as
Tenkai Opening for many dubs, insert Song
Tenkai (Instrumental) Ending for many dubs, insert Song
Get the Glory Japanese/Korean Opening, insert Song
Shunkan Diamond 1st Japanese/Korean Ending, insert Song
Shōri no Hanataba o -gonna gonna be hot! 2nd Japanese Ending, insert Song
Densetsu no FLARE 3rd Japanese Ending, insert Song
Tokenai Candy 4th Japanese Ending


Name Date
Tenkai Knights Original Soundtrack March 25, 2015


Name Date
Tenkai Knights Erasers September 2014
Tenkai Knights Pencils September 2014
Tenkai Knights Pen Pouch September 2014
Tenkai Knights 3-Pocket Clear Files September 2014
Tenkai Knights Clear Files September 2014
Tenkai Knights Free Writing Notebooks September 2014
Tenkai Knights Square Can Cases September 23, 2014
Tenkai Knights Keyrings 2014


Tenkai Knights T-Shirts


Tenkai Knights Custom Pillowcases


Name Function Features... Official Website

Webisodes, online games, social media etc. Official Japanese Website Videos, episode guides etc. Official TV Tokyo site Trailers, episode guides, character descriptions Official Korean site Trailers, character descriptions


Name Published
Tenkai Knights Perfect Guidebook March 17, 2015

Brandon T. Snider

Name Date Published
Friends or Foes? June 09, 2015
It's Tenkai Time September 25, 2014
Secrets of Quarton: Tenkai Energy April 28, 2015
Tenkai Knights, Go! September 25, 2014
The Power of Four September 25, 2014
The Quest for Titan Mode June 09, 2015

Michel Leydier

Name Date Published
Tenkai Knights T01: L'appel de Quarton February 19, 2015
Tenkai Knights T02: La Robofusion February 19, 2015
Tenkai Knights T03: Le duel contre Vilius February 19, 2015
Tenkai Knights T04: Les étalons de guerre February 19, 2015

Ray Santos

Name Date Published
Pick Your Path: #1 Defenders of Quarton September 25, 2014
Pick Your Path: #2 Operation Lightning Strike April 28, 2015

Ryo Takamisaki

Name Date Published
Tenkai Knights T01: Les deux mondes September 24, 2014
Tenkai Knights T02: Apparition du mode Titan!! December 03, 2014
Tenkai Knights T03 February 18, 2015
Tenkai Knight 1 (Ladybug CoroCoro Comics) August 28, 2014


Name Date
Tenkai Knights Big Sticker Collection August 2014

DVD Volumes

In all countries where Tenkai knights airs, DVD volumes are released, but they may differ from country to country.

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights international DVD releases


Since the Japanese toys are not exactly the same as the Western toys, a distinction has to be made. In Japan, Bandai is responsible for the toys.

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights Japanese toys

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights Korean merchandise

At the same time, in the Western world, Spin Master is mainly responsible for the toys and also for the licensing.

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights western toys

For the situation in China, go to Deformation Knights.


In several countries of the world, Tenkai Knights already started airing or will air soon. These countries are listed here.

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights markets


Companies from all over the world are involved in Tenkai Knights, along with its co-producers Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions and Spin Master.

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights companies

As well, individual persons are involved in Tenkai Knights, such as singers, voice actors, or crew members like directors.

Main article: List of Tenkai Knights people