Get the Glory is the Japanese and Korean opening theme of Tenkai Knights. It's written and sung by Ayako Nakanomori in the Japanese version and by Gimdoyoung in the Korean version.





二つの絆をつないで 遥かな時を超えて
巡り逢う 奇跡のエナジー
描いてた 未来よりも 驚きの連続を
見つけよう 君と Get the glory

どんな困難が 待ち受けていても
大切なこの世界と 仲間のために

叫べ!今 コンストラクション!
自分の力 信じて
大事なのはいつも アクション
さぁ でかけよう


Futatsu no kizuna o tsunaide haruka na toki o koete, meguriau kiseki no energy.

Egaiteta mirai-yori mo odoroki no renzoku o mitsukeyou kimi to: Get the glory!

Don’na kon’nan ga machiuketeite mo, zettai koete-ikeru!

Son’na fuu ni omoerunda.

Taisestsu na kono sekai to nakama no tame ni!

Sakebe! Ima construction!

Yuuki o kureta kimi o mamoru, jibun no chikara shinjite, nandodemo try shiyou!

Daiji na no wa itsumo action, kesshite-nigetari wa shinai to.

Core ni chikau yo...

Saa dekakeyou!

English (Translated)

Connecting twin bonds across the reaches of time, I came across miracle energy.

Let's seek out a future more eventful than I ever dreamt and with you: Get the Glory!

No matter what obstacles lie in our way, we can overcome them all.

That's the way I think.

For my friends and this precious world!

So shout it out now, Construction!

To protect you for giving us courage, we'll trust in our own power, and keep trying until we win.

It's important to always take action, and I'll never run away.

I vow upon my core...

So, let's go!



돌의 인면이 하나로 이어져 머나먼 시간을 뛰어넘어
우리의 만남은 기적의 에너지
상상했던 미래보다도 더 놀라운 많은 일들을
찾아낼 거야 우리가 Get the glory

어떤 어려움이 우릴 기다린다 해도
반드시 이겨낼 수 있어
틀림없이 헤쳐 나갈거야
너무 아름다운 이 세계와 친구들을 위해서

크게외쳐 봐 컨스트럭션
용기를 준 너를 지켜낼 수 있는
내가 가진 힘을 믿고서
몇 번이든 도전 할 거야
중요한 건 언제나 액션
절대 물러서지 않겠다고
코어에 맹세할게
자 나아가자


Dol-ui inmyeon-i hanalo ieojyeo meonameon sigan-eul ttwieoneom-eo
Uliui mannam-eun gijeog-ui eneoji
Sangsanghaessdeon milaebodado deo nollaun manh-eun ildeul-eul
Chaj-anael geoya uliga Get the glory

Eotteon eolyeoum-i ulil gidalinda haedo
Bandeusi igyeonael su iss-eo
Teullim-eobs-i hechyeo nagalgeoya
Neomu aleumdaun i segyewa chingudeul-eul wihaeseo

Keuge-oechyeo bwa keonseuteuleogsyeon
Yong-gileul jun neoleul jikyeonael su issneun
Naega gajin him-eul midgoseo
Myeoch beon-ideun dojeon hal geoya
Jung-yohan geon eonjena aegsyeon
Jeoldae mulleoseoji anhgessdago
Ko-eoe maengsehalge
Ja naagaja

English (Translated)

The Human Mask of stone leads one beyond the faraway time
Our meeting is the energy of miracles
All the imagined future many more amazing things
Get the glory we'll find

Even some difficulties await us.
There must be overcome
Admittedly I'll get through
Too beautiful for this world and friends

Look significantly cried construction
That can protect you gave courage
Believing that I have the power
I can challenge any number of times
The important thing is always action
I would never back down
I swear to the core
Now go through


  • The Japanese and Korean version obviously have different lyrics, but they do present the same idea or message.




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