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Origin Earth
Age 13
Hair Auburn
Eyes Red
Tenkai Knights
Occupation Tenkai Knight
Tenkai Knight Dromus
First Appearance Tributon Extreme

Gen is a supporting character in Tenkai Knights. He is in the possession of the core of Dromus, a formerly evil character who with the Tenkai Knights and bears a strong resemblance to Bravenwolf.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in English and Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese.


Gen Kurai is a tall thirteen year-old boy with red eyes and spiky, pushed-back, auburn hair with long bangs covering one eye. He wears a tall-collared black jacket made of what appears to be leather. The jacket usually covers his mouth and has two buttons on each side that connect to each other and keep the coat zipped up. He wears long pants are made of the same material that his coat is made of. It is held up by a belt with a golden-yellow buckle. He also wears black boots.


Gen's personality is at first shown to be calm, cool, and collected. He dislikes people who need teammates because he thinks they're weak. In "The Key to Evil", it was revealed that Gen wasn't always calm and collected. Gen used to be a very positive and outgoing child just like Guren. The event that changed his personality has not been revealed yet. Since "A New Knight", it seems that he has changed his attitude toward Guren and the others and has joined them.

In the seriesEdit

In "Tributon Extreme", Gen transferred to Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa's school. There he met Guren and Ceylan for the first time. While on Quarton, Gen introduced himself to the Tenkai Knights as Dromus and took the fourth Dragon Cube with him.

In "Two Sides to Every Coin", Gen, curious if Guren is Bravenwolf gave Guren some advice about "choosing the side of the coin he wants". So when Dromus attacked with his Core Corrupter and witnessed Bravenwolf put his advice into practice, he realized that Bravenwolf must be Guren.

In "Dragon's Key", Gen led Guren and Chooki on a trail of clues about the White Dragon Keys' location. He put up one sign after another. When Guren and Chooki finally found the Key and passed through booby traps guarding it, Gen returned to Quarton.

Later, in "Vilius Unleashed", Dromus managed to capture the Tenkai Dragon after the Knights awakened it and transported it to Vilius's headquarters.

In "Tenkai Rogue", Gen was joined by Beni in his efforts to defeat the Tenkai Knights.

In "Dromus Betrayed", Gen was seen in Beni's flashback explaining Dromus' intentions and how he was betrayed by someone in the past. However, his being Dromus was still not revealed to the Tenkai Knights by Beni.

In "Dragon Key Quest", Gen ambushed Guren and the others after they found the Black Dragon Key. After fighting with Guren over the key, Gen managed to take the Black Key from them and revealed Beni tricked them as well. Once that was done Gen escaped them along with Beni thanks to Eurus back to Quarton.

In "The Dark Unlock", Gen explained some of his back story to Guren while the par fought, and Guren learned that Gen's life was a depressing one. Guren finally saw why Gen acted so evil.

In "A New Knight", Guren continued to try and sway Gen, Gen watched as Guren and the others continued to struggle against Vilius and the evil dragon. After Beni lectured him about how troublesome it was working with him. Gen seemed to have an epiphany, Gen jumped in and helped the other knights fight and defeat Vilius and restore both the Tenkai Dragon, and the Tenkai Energy of Quarton to normal.

After "A New Knight," he mostly appeared in cameo, however in "Vilius Returns", he had the role of breaking the Tenkai Dragon back up into Dragon Cubes and saved the Knights.


  • Gen's Japanese name is Inukai.
  • Though not stated, it is been hinted that Gen now acts as the fifth Tenkai Knight.
  • It's been revealed in "Dojo Mojo", that he goes to a dojo and is a 1st Degree Black Belt Master.


  • Gen has a habit of proving himself to be one class higher than the Knights at everything they do. This includes Chooki's skills at basketball and chess.
  • Gen is a good strategist and understands Quarton more then he let's on.


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