The Earth (Japanese: 地球, Chikyū, Korean: 지구, Jigu, Hebrew: כדור הארץ) is one of the places where the Tenkai Knights series takes place. The four boys, who became the new Tenkai Knights, hail from Earth.


On Earth

Half of every episode takes place on Earth, where Guren and the others often meet Gen, who was one of their enemies on Quarton, but later joined the Corekai, and Beni, who currently joined the Corrupted.

It is also where many ancient secrets connected to Quarton are hidden, like the White and Black Dragon Keys,  or the Tenkai Stone, for example. Recently, Earth has been targeted by the warlord, Vilius, seeking the portal that was possessed by the Guardians that leads to the planet.

Known Places

Internal Links

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