Dragon² (Japanese (Katakana): 激闘! テンカイフォートレス) is the thirty-eighth episode of Tenkai Knights. It first aired on May 29, 2014 on GO! in Australia




The episode starts with Granox telling Vilius that he and Slyger will lead an attack on the Tenkai Fortress. Vilius harshly berates him, calling him a fool in the process to even think he'd let them lead an attack on the Fortress. Slyger begins to repeat what Vilius said last time, however Vilius cuts him off, saying that he'd said whoever controls the Fortress controls the two worlds, and for that reason it needs to be recaptured, but he will lead the attack himself. When Slyger asks about what he and Granox should do, Vilius tells them to try being helpful for once. He also adds that if they're lucky, he'll let them pick up the pieces of the Tenkai Knights after he's "blasted them to atoms".</span>

Following the opening sequence, the episode cuts to Mr. White's shop, with Guren and the Knights recapping how they found the Fortress, but can't get anywhere near it. Mr. White suggests they could penetrate the force field if they increased their Tenkai Energy somehow. However, he himself doesn't know how.

We then cut to the park, where Guren explains how the Fortress is connected to the brickification problem, and if they don't penetrate the force field soon, it'll come back again. Toxsa is skeptical and cracks a joke about how Mr. White's teapot was brickified. However, Chooki tells him that everyone on Earth would be brick-like, scaring him. Ceylan makes it worse by joking about everyone looking like 8-bit graphics. This horrifies Toxsa greatly, however, Guren tells them to focus on finding a way to increase their Tenkai Energy.

Afterwards, we cut to different scenes of the Knights' methods for increasing their Tenkai Energy: Guren "trains" with MaxChooki goes fishing, Ceylan falls asleep at his laptop, and Toxsa, who is incredibly paranoid due to Chooki and Ceylan's brickification jokes, freaks out upon seeing anything square shaped. Then we cut to Gen's dojo, where he and Guren spar, with Guren beating Gen quickly. Gen thinks Max must have been a good training partner, because Guren has definitely gotten better. Guren tells Gen about how he and the Knights are trying to increase their Tenkai Energy to access the Tenkai Fortress, and asks for Gen's help, however Gen declines. Gen theorizes if someone had a key to open the Tenkai Fortress, and Guren asks who.

The scene switches to Beni's apartment, where she serves Gen some tea, telling him it's been a while. Gen cuts to the chase and asks Beni what she knows about the Fortress. Beni asks what she gets in return, and Gen tells her to stop joking, and he knows that she knows. Beni says that if he joins her like he did back when they served Vilius, she'd tell him her secret. Gen warns her that if she causes trouble for the Knights, they'll never be partners again, and they'd be enemies. Beni asks him when he joined the Knights, but he said he hasn't, and tells her to "just back off". Beni mocks him for this, calling him soft, and Gen gives up on trying to get information out of her. As he leaves, Beni warns him, telling him not to be surprised when his new friends let him down, because they will let him down, sooner or later. After Gen leaves, Beni takes out her Fortress key and dismisses the thought of having friends when she has the key.

Meanwhile, the boys are busy walking through the main part of town, and Toxsa flips out after seeing square-shaped melons, screaming that the brickification started. Ceylan and the others drag him to a sidewalk and calm him down, telling him the melons are grown that way on purpose, and Ceylan reveals he and Chooki were only joking. Toxsa manages to calm down, and the boys are suddenly called by a little girl for help, saying something bad happened. She reveals her puppy went to get his ball out of a hole and got stuck. Toxsa ends up rescuing the dog, and after getting the pup out, sees a ball and assumes he got stuck because he lost his ball. Toxsa then freaks out, revealing the ball had underwent Brickification.

The scene switches to Quarton, where Vilius has assembled a massive army to seize the Fortress. The Corrupted Guardians are also present, with Boreas asking why they're there in the first place. Eurus says Vilius wants to remind them of their helplessness. Zephyrus says they have to admire Vilius's power. Notus says he can respect it, but to admire it disgusts him. The Tenkai Knights arrive on Quarton, where Vilius says his victory wouldn't be complete without them. The Knights activate their Elemental Titan Modes, and begin taking out some troops. However, Vilius reveals his own Dark Tempest Titan Mode, and mocks the Knights for underestimating him, but they aren't phased. Beni watches from behind a mountain as Bravenwolf takes on Vilius. Tributon and Valorn try to help, but are intercepted by Granox. Dromus drops in and begins fighting Vilius. Bravenwolf tries to help, but is attacked by Slyger and his Fire Raptor. Tributon engages Slyger, and tells Bravenwolf to get back to fighting Vilius.

Dromus is nearly offed by Vilius, much to the watching Venetta's concern, only to be saved by Bravenwolf. Bravenwolf then uses his Tenkai Firesword on Vilius after Gen distracts the Corrupted leader. However, Vilius suddenly ejects his Dragon Cube, and extracts the other four from the Guardians. Vilius then assembles the Dark Tenkai Dragon, who begins to wipe out the Corekai soldiers. However, the Knights and Dromus use their own Dragon Cubes to create the Light Tenkai Dragon. As both dragons clash, Vilius yells for his dragon to end the Knights. As the two dragons fire at each other, their attacks collide with each other in a stalemate. We then see something in the Fortress glowing. Outside, the two dragons' power cause a massive explosion that covers all of Quarton. In the aftermath, Guren wakes up, and sees that Quarton has become jungle-like (but he doesn't know yet that it's really Beast World) He calls out for Ceylan, Gen and the others, but no one answers, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger.


In the episode

  • Toxsa receives a fear of brickification.
  • Gen knew that there is a key to going into the Tenkai Fortress.
  • Vilius unlocks his Elemental Titan Mode.
  • Vilius unleashes his Black Dragon Cube and takes the Guardians Black Dragon Cubes to reawaken the Dark Tenkai Dragon.
  • The Knights and Dromus unleashes their White Dragon Cubes to reawaken the Light Tenkai Dragon.
  • This is the first episode for the Tenkai Dragon to be separated into two Dragons.
  • The Tenkai Fortress transported Bravenwolf to an unknown world that's similar to Quarton.
  • Dromus hasn't unlocked elemental mode nor elemental titan mode in this episode yet.
  • In this episode a baseball is brickified.


  • After Looking Forward, Looking Back, Cartoon Network took a break with new episodes until September 06, 2014. However, this was ignored in Canada as Teletoon continued with Episode 39 on June 01, 2014.
  • Originally the episode was named Dragon, but this was changed to Dragon² shortly before the premiere in the United States.
  • This episode airs after episode 37 in Japan, making it episode 38.

English Dub Cuts & Changes


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub.

Image Name Time Note












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